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Hey friends, These days online shopping is at boom and Businessmen are creating websites and selling their products without knowing the customer satisfaction or their problem. Although there are some of the websites which have good Paytm customer support while some of them are worst. Here I am also Sharing paytm customer care executive number. They only focus on marketing and selling of the products but make one mistake they did not focus on one of the most important parts i.e. Paytm customer support. Many of the online shopping websites they have the worst customer support when a person want to return the product they have bought. Some of the shopping websites have fake numbers when tries to call it didn’t connect to the respective call centers. So, friends, I am writing this blog to ensure that people should get verified Paytm customer services and to share my experience so that you are not able to face any problems regarding customer services.

Paytm Customer Care Services
Paytm Customer Care Services

About Paytm Customer Care Services, 24×7 support paytm com care

Paytm is one of the largest leading payment gateways that offer payments services for customer and merchants. It provides payments services to more than 7 million merchants and payment gateways to the consumer so that they can do payments through Cards, Bank account, and wallets. Initially, the Paytm provides prepaid mobile and DTH recharges.

The responses from the users were remarkable later on the data card, postpaid mobile, and landline bill payments were add on to the app. With the competition level increase in the market and they had made a new strategy which was the Paytm Payments Bank. Likewise, the other Nationalized and Rural banks Paytm open its own bank. In 2015 Paytm received the license from the Reserve Bank Of India to start Paytm Payments Bank.

Paytm Customer Care Number Toll-free, Paytm kyc customer care number

At the first time Paytm face criticism from various banks but later on, various branches were open different parts of India. Now the Paytm has set its goal to open 1 lakh outlets at the end of the year 2018. Paytm KYC is important for users to send money to their friends if they are using Paytm payments bank. If you have some KYC problems, then you can call paytm kyc customer care number

If you do not do KYC then you will be able to send a limited amount of money through your wallet. The process to do the KYC is easy you have to go to the verified Paytm customer service provider. Here are some Paytm Customer care Executives Numbers, Now link with your Aadhar card and biometric with Paytm registered number. The details will be sent to the Paytm and that all you have to and avail the full features of the Paytm payments bank.

Paytm Customer Care ServicesCustomer Care Number
Bank, Wallet and Payments0120-4456-456
Movies and Events Tickets0120-4728-728
Paytm Mall Shopping Orders0120-4606060
Paytm Travel Tickets and Forex0120-4880-880

Paytm Customer Care Email ID:

Many of you prefer to contact customer care by Email address, Hence, Here I am also sharing Paytm Executive Email ID for complaints. You can just email paytm and they will help you definitely. Below that, I am sharing Paytm Customer Care Email ID is working 24*7 hours.

Use this Paytm Customer Care EMAIL ID for all types of complaints. Such as Paytm Mall Complaint, Paytm Recharge Complain, etc.


Other Products Launched by Paytm:-

Paytm launched its first e-commerce website known as the Paytm Mall app in 2017. You can purchase anything from the Paytm mall. You need to search for the product and click on buy option and pay for the product. The business model is simply based on business to client or B2C model. In this model no intermediate such as broker involvement. To understand in a simple way when you go to the shop to buy goods you deal directly with shop owner. In the same way Paytm Mall it works as an intermediate between buyer and seller. Nowadays the B2C model is more preferable.

My Personal experience with Paytm customer care:-

The reason for writing this blog is to share my experience with Paytm customer care. The customer support they provide is worst. They tell give their customer support number on which they do not pick up the phone or sometimes the number is invalid. One of the cases I want to discuss with all of you recently I ordered a laptop from the Paytm. The seal of trust which is their tagline is all wrong. I know the problem and difficulties faced by me in returning the product to the Paytm.

When I ordered my laptop from the Paytm firstly, it comes late after the three to four days of my actual delivery date, no problem I ignore their fault. I was keen to see my new laptop but all the enthusiasm was faded away. The reason was when I opened the package you won’t believe what I saw. There was a crack on my display and several damages to my body. I was stunned by seeing this and then I request to replace my laptop with the new one. They give me an order id for the replacement, date and time of the delivery person for pick up. But no one came even after the delivery date was gone. That what starts my frustration and anger towards the Paytm started.

What Did I Do To Overcome This Problem:-

I tried to contact the Paytm customer care number which was given on their websites. Most of the numbers does not exist or invalid. I thought that my money is wasted. After some time I was able to contact the Paytm customer care and get my laptop return. This was my experience which I want to share with all of you people. From that day I pledge not to buy anything from Paytm. I know that it’s a waste of time and money. Also, their customer service is too bad which you already know from my experience. So if you are buying anything from the Paytm then you are on your own if the defected product comes.

24×7 Support Care

Paytm Customer care is now available 24×7 hours. You can contact them anytime by using call, SMS, Ticket System, Email system, etc. There are lots of options available, Also they provide you an instant solution to your problem.


Paytm Customer Care Services
  • Paytm Customer Care Services
  • Paytm Customer Care Support
  • Paytm Customer Care Email Support

About Paytm Customer Care

Paytm Is India’s One Of The Leading Brand. In this digital era, everyone is using it. So here are some methods by which you can contact to Paytm Customer Care Executives and talk to them if you have any queries related to your account, Paytm KYC, Payment Methods etc.

Paytm Support Call Support, Email Support, Ticket Support.